Arcade Cabinet – Technical Details & Hints

Materials Used:

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the merchants listed in this post.

Software on the Raspberry Pi:

Here are some assorted design notes that some may find useful:

  • I wired my “digital” joysticks to pushbutton inputs instead of the axis inputs on the GP-Wiz40, since they register as buttons when the joystick moves around.
  • To use GP-Wiz40 with AdvMAME, configure /home/pi/.advance/advmame.rc with the line “device_joystick raw” (otherwise some buttons will not register).
  • Command for enabling analog audio out: amixer cset numid=3 1
  • I changed the AdvMenu colors in /home/pi/.advance/advmenu.rc
    • 512888 replaced 247ef0
    • 8f5dd0 replaced afffff
  • The cabinet was painted with Sherwin-Williams color SW6559